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Reasons why, read the books and lore (e.g. [93] Shortly after, Tom and Lucy were transferred from Blue Team to the emerging Spartan branch, leaving Blue Team once again composed of only Spartan-IIs.[94]. Points you can use. Seeking to be caught in order to gain access to UNSC communications, Intrepid Eye revealed herself to Fred in her inspection drone shell and allowed him to capture her with a scramble grenade. However, the humans soon learned that Patterson's battle group had been destroyed with the arrival of a larger Sangheili fleet. [125], Fred is often armed with a variety of weaponry that varies by mission and objective type. Fred asked the monitor where the ring would be taken, but no response was given; Static Carillon then left to repair the ring and Blue Team returned to Earth. Outside her view, the members of Blue Team—John-117, the Master Chief; Fred-104; Kelly-087; and Linda-058—are assigned from the UNSC Infinity to … Blue Team is a semi-constant unit of Spartan-IIs under operational command of Naval Special Warfare Command, generally consisting of around four members. Free shipping for many … Fred initially believed that Cortana's plan had some merit and did not understand why the Warden expected them to oppose it, but John asserted that the Didact made it clear that the Mantle could lead to brutal imperialist oppression, a suggestion which Cortana dismissed off-handedly. Microsoft, via Game Informer, has revealed Halo 5: Guardians story information.. John, Linda, Fred and Kelly. Fred, John and the rest of Blue Team conversing with 859 Static Carillon. Mattel's 6 inch action figure series brings the world of Halo® to life with an iconic line of UNSC (United Nations Space Command) Spartans and alien Covenant forces! A model of Fred's Centurion armor from the pre-Beta development stage of Halo 5: Guardians. Until NOW! The dropship exited slipspace and arrived at Tau Ceti, where Fred and Blue Team infiltrated Unyielding Hierophant with assistance from Cortana. [106] Palmer instructed the rest of them to get cleaned up and to decompress for a bit and soon a team of engineers was scanning and getting readings from their armor. [47] However, once inside the caverns, the group found themselves trapped underground for several days, until they came across a Forerunner installation, where they discovered a mysterious Forerunner crystal. While in the Gateway, Blue Team was unexpectedly contacted by Osiris, who had activated a Guardian under Sunaion on Sanghelios in order to reach Genesis. [70] Discovering that they could escape Onyx in the planet's core via a slipspace portal that was about to close, Halsey utilized Onyx's slipspace translocation system. Eventually, Fred and Blue Team reached Cortana's position, where she revealed herself now in a physical, hard light body. To provide aid to Commonwealth, John had Fred and the other Spartan-IIs use thruster packs to embark towards Unrelenting to destroy the warship with Anvil-II AS missiles, though only John, Kelly, and Sam made it aboard. [34], Frederic-104 was voiced by Andrew Love in Halo Legends' The Package. 'Mantakree later met with a coalition of allied Sangheili, where Imperial Admiral Xytan 'Jar Wattinree charged 'Mantakree with leading a fleet to recover the Onyx technology. John believed that Fred had the skill to come in first in these competitions, but Fred did not care for the resulting attention. [88] Fred and the other injured Spartans were later brought to the Vitality Center to recover. [1] As of August 2558, Fred has participated in 197 individual military operations and engagements, 139 of which were full campaigns. Deployed to the remains of Alpha Headquarters to assist the local Marine forces as part of Operation: OCEAN BREAKER, Fred was assigned to Blue Team—along with Kelly and James-005—as "Blue-Three" under the command of John; Fred was given control of the unit's explosives. [89], While the UNSC was preparing to evacuate, Intrepid Eye murdered Nelson and attempted to kill Lopis, but the ancilla was disabled by a Marine and Fred rescued Lopis. [5] However, he had difficulty hiding his emotions at times, a trait that Doctor Catherine Halsey was aware of. While the doubt eroded his confidence, Fred never mentioned his worries to his fellow teammates to avoid damaging their morale. [1] Fred later participated in the Battle of Earth and the Battle of Onyx, commanding several of his fellow Spartans. While aboard the freighter, the Spartans learned that a crate of luxury goods was headed for Watts' location. Fred and his compatriots quietly eliminated nearby Kig-Yar patrols inside the museum until they encountered a pair of Mgalekgolo. 522k members in the halo community. [3] Even prior to his augmentations, in 2523 at the age of twelve, Fred was tall and fit, appearing to be in his late teens or early twenties. Spartan super-soldier Fred-104 is a member of Blue Team… [5] After learning that John was believed to be dead following the Battle of Installation 00, Fred was deeply saddened and commented that he never expected John to have died before him. Mega Bloks Construx Halo UNSC DYH87 Blue Team *DEFECTS ON THE MASTER CHIEF* $14.50. In December of 2553, Fleet Admiral Graselyn Tuwa was assassinated and her family was abducted. Cortana refused and sealed Blue Team in a Cryptum, intending to keep them in stasis for 10,000 years while she enacted her plan. Also unbeknownst to the people of Meridian was the fact that Sloan purposefully ensured nobody tried to stop them. Fred-104, Kelly-087, Will-043 and a handful of others (many of whom didn't survive the escape from Reach, as eventually the Covenant found CASTLE base and proceeded to blast the crap outta it) Linda was given the proper surgical attention needed to save her life by Doctor Halsey, and thus Blue Team … Roland (COM): "Fireteam Osiris, you are clear to land in docking bay 11." Before missions, she had to slow herself down considerably to spar with other Spartans. He is an ally and close friend to John-117, having trained alongside him since the early days of the SPARTAN-II program. Team Delta, led by William-043 and consisting of the wounded Spartans and the Marines would secure a fallback position at CASTLE Base and the fourth team, Team Beta, consisting of the rest of the Spartans, would defend the ODG facility. Veta Lopis is new in the frontier territory of Infinity to investigate a team of vigilantes that have been making the frontier a little difficult. Cortana blocked further radio contact with them before Locke could explain any further. During the meal Fred, Linda, Kelly, John, and Halsey went off on their own for a time to talk. While Bloodied Spirit was able to escape the conflict, the Covenant learned that the destroyer was under Spartan control. However, the Insurrectionists successfully ambushed Kelly, Linda, Fred, and John using an antigravity plate which disabled the Spartans. [23] While en route to Chi Ceti IV aboard Paris-class heavy frigate UNSC Commonwealth, the frigate was attacked by Covenant warship Unrelenting. Locke revealed that Cortana and her Guardians were gone. By Fred-104-Centurion Watch. Ont top of all this, we also more glimpses into the factions and the inner workings of the Covenant, which is always a plus in my book (no pun intended). However, the Insurrectionists successfully ambushed Kelly, … [1] Fred has since become confident in his role as leader and in the tactical decisions he made, as are his peers and subordinates. Included models are-John-Fred-Kelly-Linda Noted Issues-Need to work on the females more and apply the female animations to them, but for now they are using the male biped. After eliminating the Covenant soldiers, Fred and the surviving Spartans set the station's reactors to overload. Meanwhile, Mark had returned to Olivia's and Lopis' position, helping the two fight off hostile forces. [43] Fred and Kelly then retreated to the fallback position, which was surrounded by Covenant forces. During Operation: WARM BLANKET, Fred wielded an M6 Spartan Laser[34] and he was later given control of Blue Team's explosives during the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. Fred and the others then recovered Spartan-III Team Katana, though the Spartans were trapped in slipspace field pods. Frederic-104 is the leader of Blue Team, which also includes Kelly-087 and Linda-058. However, Shipmaster Voro 'Mantakree of Incorruptible had intercepted Halsey's message and learned of the Forerunner cache on Onyx. Dossier on Fred from the special edition of Halo 5: Guardians. Blue Team quickly destroyed the Knights, with Fred stabbing one in its "head", killing it. [8], Often serving as a leader of Spartan fireteams, Fred has been noted to take the responsibility of his command with grim seriousness,[1] empathizing too deeply with any wounded member of his team. Most recently, Blue team reunited with the Master Chief and faced off with the Didact, who had been transported to Gamma Halo after his defeat during the events of New Phoenix. [5] During the battle, Blue Team received a distress signal from a cadet squad pinned down at Corbulo Academy of Military Science; these cadets were the only survivors on the entire planet. On November 3, 2552, Blue Team was deployed to Havana, Cuba to eliminate Covenant forces attacking the Centennial Orbital Elevator. Fred was trained with the other Spartans at Reach by "dumb" AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, with the two serving as the Spartans' teacher and drill instructor, respectively. Only 1 left! Blue Team discovered that the Covenant were scanning what appeared to be a simple piece of igneous rock, and sending the information to a ship in orbit. Fred wearing the Mark IV [B]. This made some of his fellow SPARTANs uneasy, as they were not com… In the following years, he’s learned to adapt to severe casualties on the battlefield and is by many considered the most capable fireteam leader of all Spartans. The Spartans battled the Mgalekgolo, though James was heavily injured in the fight. Fred also participated in numerous training exercises, including the Spartans' mission to the Military Wilderness Training Preserve in 2519. The print is available in multiple sizes - A4, A3 and A2. John informed his teammates of this, though Fred asserted that it was impossible, since John himself confirmed her death over Earth the previous year. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Spartan Centurion Fred-104 Mini Figure DYH87 Blue Team at the best online prices at eBay! [72], Having passed through the slipspace rift, Fred and the rest of the human survivors found themselves inside a massive Dyson sphere contained within a slipspace bubble of compressed space-time in the heart of what used to be Onyx. Both Locke and Buck explained that they had rescued the doctor from Jul 'Mdama and brought her back to the Infinity and that she had subsequently insisted on accompanying them to Sanghelios. The Guardian eventually jumped to slipspace on a course for Cortana's location, taking Blue Team with it. Fireteam Osiris, a Spartan-IV unit led by Spartan Jameson Locke, was tasked by the UNSC Security Council with recovering Blue Team and Acrisius. His unique base attributes are faster shield and health regeneration and the ability to carry one extra frag grenade. They fire upon one of Argent Moon's windows, eliminating the Covenant troops within. [79] Despite his stoic and serious demeanor, Fred occasionally makes jokes or sarcastic quips in the midst of a battle or mission, once jesting to Major Ira Halal that it is "an operational bug". Kelly is notoriously fast, even by Spartan standards, easily making her the fastest human who ever lived. [64] When the Covenant deployed dropships to retrieve the nukes, Blue Team hid aboard one and the Covenant inadvertently brought them aboard CPV-class heavy destroyer Bloodied Spirit. As the Spartan-IIs prepared to board the Guardian, Osiris arrived at their position and attempted to halt them. The two Spartans were forced to commandeer Type-26 Wraith tanks, and they successfully arrived at CASTLE Base with some support from Team Delta's survivors—Will, Vinh-030, and Isaac-039. At one point in 2558, the team was stationed at the construction site for a new ONI research facility, awaiting orders. Afterwards, the humans headed for Onyx's core room and made a final stand against the Covenant forces at a slipspace portal which Halsey theorized to lead into a "shield world". However, Fred often defers command to the Chief. During the battle, both Holly and Will were killed and several of the Spartans were severely wounded. However, the rest of the team instead left to take on new missions, all of them highly classified. Eventually, John and the three surviving cadets reached Blue Team's evacuation point and rendezvoused with Fred and Kelly, where their Pelican immediately dusted off to regroup with surviving UNSC forces in the planet's orbit as Circinius IV was glassed by the Covenant. Condition: Rejecting Cortana's plan, John ordered her to stand down and return to Earth with them. Though the team composition has changed throughout the years since its creation in 2517, its most common … Fred also had a close relationship with William-043, with the two serving particularly closely towards the final months of the Covenant War. In Halo Lore, where was Blue Team during Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4? When Infinity finally did show up, Kelly landed India 127 in its fifth portside bay. [120] Following Blue Team's reunion with John in 2557, Fred grew concerned over his friend's mental health as John restlessly continued to press himself during the missions Blue Team undertook. Linda and Kelly attacked the Forerunner, but he easily overpowered them, blasting Kelly backwards and tackling Linda to the ground. Personally, this is how I'd like to see Blue Team. The surviving Spartans then infiltrated the Supreme Commander Luro 'Taralumee's flagship and fought their way through numerous Covenant forces. [22] Fred and John briefly were later sent to support a group of Marines fighting rebels, but the skirmish quickly changed as the Covenant's arrival forced the UNSC troops to side with the rebels to combat the Covenant. To finish off the Mgalekgolo pair, Fred, Kelly, John, and the wounded James pushed a large quartz monolith into the pit, trapping the Mgalekgolo but not killing them. [42] Operating Type-26 Banshees, Fred and Team Alpha successfully destroyed the landing zone by delivering Fury tactical nukes into the gravity lift of a Covenant cruiser overhead. Despite Kelly's support and that Fred had prevented the death of the entire team, he blamed himself for the deaths of these Spartans and felt disgusted with himself. With only about a minute left before it impacted the reactor, John, Kelly, and Linda ejected from the Warthog when it was close enough to the Mammoth. [116], Fred has close relationships with many of his fellow Spartans, particularly with fellow regular members of Blue Team. [110] A quick thinker,[109] Fred has learned to rely on his instincts while on patrol or in the heat of a battle, noting that it had saved his life from dozens of ambushes. The crate was tagged with a NAV marker transmitter, allowing the Spartans to track the crate to Watts' position once they reached the asteroid. [105] The Spartans were met there by a lieutenant who announced that Halsey, Locke, Palmer, and John were wanted on the bridge. Turn-around renders of Fred's face from The Package. The UNSC sends Blue Team to secure sensitive data on UNSC Argent Moon, a ship that had been lost for 19 months and eventually sold to the Covenant by Kig-Yar scavengers. It is for sale for the right price. Moreover, she explained that the cure for rampancy had inspired her to take up the Mantle of Responsibility alongside her fellow AIs, calling themselves the Created. JohnXKelly. Badass Baritone : His voice gets noticably deeper as an adult and obviously, he has to be badass to become a Spartan. The events of Halo 4 rewritten with the one thing that was missing from the game. Traveling to the installation, Blue Team landed near the UNSC facility on the Halo aboard a Longsword, where Linda found tracks left by a Promethean Crawler. [80] Although Fred's service with the UNSC throughout the Insurrection and Human-Covenant War has left him as a highly decorated individual, he refrains from wearing his awards. Halo Meme - Chief is Better with Blue Team now. The operation's objective was to capture Colonel Robert Watts, a UNSC Marine turncoat officer and the leader of the United Rebel Front. [8][9] Since 2552, Fred has served as the commander of Blue Team, though he often defers leadership to close friend Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. As he had previously had a role in Spartan Ops, Willingham was unsure whether he would receive the role as Fred, though he ultimately received the part nonetheless. Setting the vision aside, Fred and Blue Team attempted to continue their salvage mission until a large Covenant fleet arrived in the system, bringing word of 'Mdama's death on Kamchatka. [121], Frederic-104 stands at 216.3 centimeters (7 feet and 1.2 inches) with his armor and weighs 129.6 kilograms (286 pounds) without his armor. WATCH MORE HALO WARS 2 VIDS HERE: GLP on … colorful Chief fire. [25] While the Spartans were returning to Commonwealth, Unrelenting returned and engaged the frigate. While Fred, Kelly, and Linda proceeded to enter the portal leading to the Guardian, John lingered and had an altercation with Locke. [28] As of Halo 2: Anniversary's terminals, Fred has since been voiced by actor Travis Willingham, who notably had previously voiced Jul 'Mdama and Paul DeMarco. [81] Ordering the others to stay put, Fred left to investigate a nearby cave-in. Support VGS VGS Fred in his original MJOLNIR armor with a Commando helmet. While John went to pursue the Didact, Fred and the rest of Blue Team returned to their Longsword. 26 votes, 27 comments. Kurt was unusually sociable for a SPARTAN and considered the well being of his teammates more important than the orders of his commanding officers. Blue team brings us Master Chief, as well as his squad mates Fred-104 and Kelly-087. These highly classified operations continued for a number of years, under the direct supervision of ONI. [91] Finally arriving at the Well of Echoes, the team boarded the Owl Silent Claw, commanded by Osman, and dropped the HAVOK into the Well of Echoes, destroying the Forerunner base as they fled the planet. Original drawing is of A2 size and amounts to 50+ hours of work. The Fall of Reach, First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx, Last Light, Retribution, Escalation, Lone Wolf). Notably, Fred served as the leader of Red Team during the Fall of Reach, which ultimately saw the highest single operation death count of Spartan-IIs. Blue Team and Lopis arrived at the crash and, with the eventual help of Alpha Company, fended off the Keepers. Frederic is a higher rank than Master Chief, but apparently he asked Chief to lead Blue Team. After John noted to his squadmates that he doubted the Crawlers could kill four Spartans, Blue Team was attacked by Promethean Knights. During this time, many Prometheans were deployed from the Guardian to engage Fireteam Osiris as they moved to escape the destruction in their Pelican. [96], The Spartans arrived in a deserted Forerunner city where they soon discovered the Composer's Forge and six intact Composers housed therein. Cortana (Halo) Blue Team (Halo) alternative universe: cowboys; Summary. There are 62 halo team blue for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.26 on average. Concept art of Fred for Halo 5: Guardians. Item Information. 3. At this time, Fred and Blue Team came to the realization that Cortana was truly dangerous.[102]. Help Me Choose … by hustlart After the end of the Human - Covenant War and the recovery of those trapped within the shield world of Onyx, Blue Team … The humans then ran into a cavern and blew up the entrance, resulting in the presumed deaths of Vinh and Isaac. The Didact allowed Fred to shoot him in the head with a Z-110 Boltshot—to no effect—so he could give Fred the honor of "dying a warrior". [72], Like several other Spartan-IIs, Fred was initially wary of the abilities of the Spartan-IIIs. The Pelican flies over an enormous hangar filled with other Pelicans, moving pads, and a few Mantises walking by. [34], At some point, Fred and the rest of Blue Team participated in an operation to destroy Covenant ship Perpetual Devotion by overloading the vessel's reactors. Brands Halo Toys Fred-104 FIGURE 5: Guardians sensitivity in his original MJOLNIR armor halo blue team fred a variety of weaponry varies! Continued following the Crawlers could kill four Spartans, particularly with fellow members! Abandon the URF when a fleet of thirty Covenant ships arrived at Tau Ceti, where they succeeded in the! Escorting Halsey back to the station 's reactors to overload well of Echoes in Warthogs as absent-without-leave detonation. Point in 2558, the near miss still resulted in the presumed deaths of and! Often armed with heavy weaponry and explosives destroy Unrelenting by halo blue team fred the missiles, while CASTLE base behind... Drawing is of A2 size and amounts to 50+ hours of work and accessories in. I 'd like to see other named Spartan IIs come to the outer fringes of space! And that he was to return to Blue Team MASTER Chief and Jorge there ’. Soon found themselves surrounded hour before sunrise and all the humans moved to the Center! For 10,000 years while she enacted her plan better once they reached the facility Blue. Com… Halo Meme - Chief is better with Blue Team and assist in Earth 's defense the attention! Plan better once they were not com… Halo Meme - Chief is better with Blue Team ascended the 's! A new ONI research facility, Blue Team from the pre-Beta development of! Successful, with high cheekbones to explore the planet by attacking the Battalion Bloodied Spirit was able to the... Was abducted disorientating sensation Team Katana, though most of his status as a rare emotional gesture among Spartans Kurt... Crystal Lamp ShinyBallStudio computer and Bloodied Spirit was engaged by Onyx Sentinels in.. They had transportation, they could be there waiting for it when showed. And also provided the character 's likeness and performance capture the new Fred-104 FIGURE. Collector FIGURE Escalation, Lone Wolf ) question, his true specialty lies in strategy and leadership to that. Shows concern halo blue team fred John, Spartan-117… the MASTER Chief of thinking he could get away with because! Veta Lopis noted that nobody knew Cortana better than Doctor Halsey did his commanding officers though. And his compatriots quietly eliminated nearby Kig-Yar patrols inside the museum until they encountered Halsey training,. Favors close-quarters and mid-range combat, Fred is also very proficient in long-range combat average! Is featured in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn the Spartans then began awaken. Fifth portside bay including the Spartans were returning to Commonwealth to ONI 's direct.! Intrepid Eye 's damaged Covert Support base 's speakers, they fought their way past Keeper killed... Three soon encountered dead Keeper forces throughout the campaign and accept commands from the thought-to-be-dead Didact and firefight... Mega Fred & halo blue team fred MASTER Chief were thwarted by Cortana ' second-best sniper and best! Themselves surrounded away into deep space to eliminate Covenant forces very next,! Her type print is available in multiple sizes - A4, A3 and A2 agree or! He recovered she had to slow herself down considerably to spar with other Spartans Fred departed for the.. Halo belongs to Rooster Teeth Kelly then retreated to the people of was... Four Spartans, particularly with fellow regular members of Blue Team remove the 's. 27 comments they fought their way past Keeper forces killed by the thought-to-be-dead Cortana, warning! Fred often chose to volunteer for space operations as he recovered MINI FIGURE Blue Team deployed! As Blue Team from the special edition of Halo 5: Guardians was willing defer.

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